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Scholars Council

Scope of Work

A critical partner in the University of North Carolina Tomorrow initiative is the Scholars Council.  Made up of faculty from across the UNC system, the Scholars Council will provide expertise and guidance to the University of North Carolina Tomorrow Commission and leadership team at UNC General Administration.


Members of the Scholars Council will:

• Develop “framing reports” on major issues and trends anticipated to impact North Carolina and UNC over the next twenty years, and advise on the implications of those issues and trends – This work will involve determining the major issues and trends that will impact North Carolina and UNC over the next twenty years, identifying existing data and reports on these issues and trends, and facilitating the compilation and analysis of such information.  Some of this body of information will already exist among the work of the Scholars and other faculty on the campuses; compilation and summary work that may be required can be performed by graduate students under the supervision of Scholars Council members.  Scholars will advise the UNC Tomorrow team at General Administration and the UNC Tomorrow Commission on the implications and ramifications of these major issues and trends, and guide discussions as to possible responses to those trends throughout the UNC Tomorrow initiative.  Reports on major issues and trends and their implications will be presented to the Commission (“framing reports”) and incorporated in regional and sector listening forums. 

• Develop “framing questions” for public input/listening forums – The “framing questions” will guide discussions with individuals and communities during the assessment phase of the initiative (regional and statewide sector listening forums as well as other potential mechanisms for eliciting public input) to ensure that the Commission is best able to assess those needs and challenges facing North Carolina to which UNC can and must respond.

• Participate in all Commission meetings, including regional and statewide sector listening forums – Scholars Council members’ involvement in commission meetings and regional/statewide sector listening forums is vital.  Scholars will present to the Commission “framing reports” highlighting major trends and issues impacting North Carolina and UNC over the next twenty years, and offer their assessments as to the implications of those trends and issues.  Scholars will also be asked for their guidance on matters internal to UNC, such as academic planning processes and current barriers to stronger engagement by faculty and students, as well as trends in higher education such as innovations in teaching and learning.  Finally, Scholars will guide the Commission in its analysis and consideration of information received during the regional/statewide sector listening forums (see next bullet below).

• Assist in compiling public input, developing conclusions and recommends for Commission – The Commission is ultimately charged with identifying and assessing the challenges facing North Carolina over the next twenty years and recommending to the UNC Board of Governors those needs to which UNC can and should respond, as well as consider the most appropriate and effective ways in which UNC can sustain this focus and remain proactive in anticipating and meeting North Carolina’s needs as they evolve and change over time.  To achieve this goal, the Scholars Council will guide and assist the Commission in compiling information obtained through research and public input, drawing sound conclusions, and formulating responsible recommendations.


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